Grant v. Town of Branford

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Grant v. Town of Branford: Plaintiff was a truck operator who entered a four way intersection in Branford with a green light. At the same time, Branford Police Sgt. Gary Verni was responding to a domestic stabbing incident in a marked police cruiser with overhead lights and siren activated. Sgt. Verni entered the same intersection as Plaintiff Grant against a red light, from Grants left side, after stopping and creeping forward. Other motorists who were approaching the intersection stopped in response to Sgt. Vernis lights and siren, but Grant continued through and the Grant and Verni vehicles collided in the middle of the intersection. Grant sued for negligence, given that Sgt. Verni had entered the intersection against a red light. The defense argued that Grants injuries were caused by his own negligence for not yielding to an emergency vehicle. The jury returned a verdict for the defendant.