Marchand v. Simonson

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Marchand v. Simonson: Plaintiff sued Willimantic Police Officer Eric Simonson, after being tased as he attempted to enter his home. Officer Simonson encountered Plaintiff acting in an unstable manner while in the road, and Plaintiff refused to identify himself, or otherwise indicate he was in front of his own home. He swore at the Officer, and fought with him as he attempted to move toward the door of the home. After Plaintiff banged on the door and an elderly woman answered, Plaintiff was warned several times not to enter the home or else he will be tased. Plaintiff ignored the order and was tased as he began to cross the threshold of the door. Officer Simonson used his taser a second time after Marchand ignored orders to remain on the ground.  Marchand was handcuffed and arrested. He thereafter sued for civil rights violation claiming the force used on him was excessive and violated the Fourth Amendment. The case was tried in U. S. District Court in New Haven. The jury returned a verdict for the Defendant Officer Simonson after three hours of deliberation.