Howd & Ludorf, LLC wins defense verdict for Town of Killingly in Breach of Contract suit

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Howd & Ludorf, LLC partner Katherine Rule and associate Ariel R. MacPherson, recently won a jury trial for the Town of Killingly in Danielson Superior Court.  In Lavigne v. Town of Killingly, the Plaintiff alleged that the Defendant Town of Killingly breached a contract to operate the municipal transfer station, failed to award a subsequent contract to operate the same transfer station to the plaintiff, and breached an agreement to lease a parcel of land to the plaintiff.  The suit further alleged that the former town manager and engineer had engaged in a civil conspiracy to deprive the plaintiff of the aforementioned contracts and tortiously interfered with the plaintiff’s contract to operate the transfer station.  Plaintiff alleged a multi-million dollar loss as a result of the Town’s actions.  Attorneys Rule and MacPherson vigorously defended, and demonstrated that the Town had justification  for the nonrenewal of the Plaintiff’s transfer station contract.  The jury deliberated for a little over an hour, and returned a verdict in favor of the Town of Killingly.