Jury Trial Win in Traumatic Brain Injury Case

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A Bridgeport jury recently returned a verdict for the defendant Town of Redding in the case of Brandon Smith v. Town of Redding.   Howd & Ludorf, LLC partner Thomas R. Gerarde defended the Town.  Plaintiff Smith fell off a retaining wall in the Town ofRedding, suffered a TBI, and sued for absolute nuisance, claiming the wall was inherently dangerous because it had a 5’-6’ drop and lacked aprotective fence.  Attorney Gerarde argued that the wall was not inherently dangerous, and the only reason Plaintiff had an accident was that he was intoxicated and did not notice a hazard that any reasonable and sober person would notice.  Trial lasted two weeks, with testimony from both engineering and toxicology expert witnesses.  A six person jury returned a verdict for the Town after deliberating for 30 min.