Police Cruiser Crash Defendant Wins Negligence Case

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Kajic v. Hartford (State Court – 2017): Plaintiff filed suit in state court as a result of a motor vehicle accident with a police cruiser operated by the defendant officer. The complaint pled claims of negligence. On the date of the incident, the Hartford police officer was on his way to an emergency call, operating his police cruiser with lights and sirens activated. He approached the subject intersection, at which time his light turned from green to red. He slowed down and then proceeded through the intersection where the plaintiff’s vehicle was located. A third vehicle entered the intersection at about the same time, causing a collision with all three vehicles. C.G.S. § 14-283 allows police officers to proceed through red lights when they are operating their cruiser with lights and sirens activated. The defendants filed a motion for summary judgment, arguing that because the officer was operating his police cruiser with its lights and sirens activated, and therefore exempted from motor vehicle laws, his actions were discretionary, entitling him to governmental immunity. The Court agreed and granted summary judgment as to all claims against the municipal defendants.