Police Officer Wins Summary Judgment in Cruiser Crash Case

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Arroyo v. New Britain (State Court – 2017): Plaintiff filed suit against New Britain Police Officer Nicholas Aviles as a result of a motor vehicle accident. Plaintiff claimed that the officer was negligent and reckless when his cruiser proceeded through a red light and collided with Plaintiff’s vehicle. The officer was operating his police cruiser with its lights and sirens activated on his way to an emergency call. Under these circumstances, C.G.S. § 14-283 allows police officers to proceed through traffic control signals when it is reasonable to do so. Defendant filed summary judgment as to all claims. The Court granted summary judgment as to the recklessness claim, and also indicated that while a police officer is engaged in a discretionary act when operation with lights and sirens, there was an issue of fact as to whether or not the officer in fact had his lights and sirens activated at all times.