Summary Judgment Granted to Police Officers Against Improper Detention Claims

Perry v. Middletown (USDC – 2017): Plaintiff filed suit against two Middletown officers, alleging that he was improperly detained and arrested during a motor vehicle stop on September 12, 2012. Prior to that date, Plaintiff had purchased a used vehicle and obtained temporary license plates in North Carolina. On the date of the subject incident, Plaintiff was operating the motor vehicle in the City of Middletown with only one temporary license plate affixed to the vehicle. The defendant officers observed Plaintiff make multiple motor vehicle infractions, and as a result, initiated a motor vehicle stop. During the stop, Plaintiff became argumentative and belligerent, and therefore, was removed from the vehicle and placed under arrest. Plaintiff filed suit in federal court alleging that he was improperly detained and arrested in violation of his Fourth Amendment rights. Defendants moved for summary judgment as to all claims in the plaintiff’s complaint, and the Court granted summary judgment in its entirety.