Summary Judgment on Police Civil Rights Claim

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Howd & Ludorf, LLC Partner Beatrice S. Jordan recently won summary judgment for the Wallingford Police Department in a civil rights claim brought by a man who claimed wrongful arrest.  In Coderre v. Wallingford, Plaintiff Coderre was arrested for larceny after he was seen on surveillance video removing merchandise from a department store.  The State prosecutors decided not to pursue the criminal case, and Plaintiff sued for wrongful arrest.  Plaintiff Coderre argued that the Wallingford officer misrepresented in the warrant application that he resembled the person seen in the surveillance footage and that the Wallingford officer omitted from the Warrant application that he spoke to the cashier of the department store and she could not identify the person who stole the merchandise from the store.  Attorney Jordan argued that even if the challenged information was deleted from the warrant application and the interview of the cashier was included, there still was probable cause to believe that Coderre was the person who committed the larceny.  U.S. District Judge Jeffrey Meyer agreed and entered summary judgment for the defendants.