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Asbestos and Toxic Torts

Howd & Ludorf, LLC has defended asbestos-related lawsuits since the 1980s.  We are intimately familiar with the evolving law, science and medicine that impacts our clients’ defenses.

We have a strong presence in the Connecticut, Massachusetts and Rhode Island consolidated asbestos dockets and appear pro hac vice in other New England states.  Our many years in the asbestos litigation has produced an extensive library of previous expert depositions, trial transcripts, state-of-the-art materials, legal memoranda, cross-examination outlines, trial exhibits and other materials that allow us to defend our clients vigorously and efficiently.  Our knowledge of local law, procedures and protocols and lengthy history in the litigation affords our clients a clear understanding of local venues, the information required to defend individual cases successfully, and to manage the litigation.

We also have extensive experience defending other types of toxic tort claims in Connecticut, Massachusetts and Rhode Island. Howd & Ludorf, LLC regularly defends property owners and product manufacturers in mold infestation claims and claimed exposures to lead paint, chemicals and an array of other potential toxins.  We work with leading experts to evaluate and develop medical and causation defenses, and to challenge unsound opposing medical and scientific opinion testimony. Our knowledge of the science, medicine and law allow us to deliver efficient and effective defenses of a wide variety of toxic tort claims.

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